Misunderstanding the Threat

Sen. Tom Harkin and some far left Labour Party members have said that the relatively quick defeat of Saddam's regimes, means that Iraq was not much of a threat to begin with. These people have not been paying attention. No one ever said tht Saddam's conventional army was a threat--no one. The threat was his weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorist. Us forces have already found evidence that a substantial terrorist organization associated with al Qeada was operating in Iraq and that they had been working with riacin poison. This is the same group that attempted to use Algerian terrorist to spread the poison in Europe right before the war. Harkins ignorance of the threat posed by Iraq is just another example of why Americans do not trust Democrats on matters of national security. Too many liberal Democrats view national security as a competitor with their domestic priorities, instead of the shield that permits them to have domestic priorities. That is why Democrats will complain about the cost of the war, or the "cost" of tax cuts, but never complain about the cost of one of their social programs.

As for the war being easy, it wasn't. It was brilliantly executed by commanders and troops in the field as well as skilled pilots using innovateive weapons. If Harkins thinks it was easy, he needs to look at the tanks and APC that carried the 3rd ID to Baghdad to see the guantlet of hits they took from Iraqi weapons.


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