In an exchange with reporters shortly after attending a church service with President Bush, two returning POW's talked about the highlight of their life. What as also remarkable was even after the ordeal of combat and captivity they both made it clear that they were ready to serve anywhere President Bush ordered.

Arabs in the Real World

The Arab News explains how Arab media and intellectuals really blew it on Iraq.

"DOHA, 21 April 2003 — The Iraqi people brought down the statue of the tyrant who had oppressed them for 35 years. Millions saw the wretched end to one of the most loathsome and bloody regimes in modern history. With the fall of the regime and the statue, other things fell as well. The great analysts and strategic experts had exaggerated the bloody and oppressive regime and greatly overestimated its strengths.

"So now that the first breath of freedom has been seen, where are all the things the Arab media promised us before the war? Where are the decisive moments and the invading forces buried under Baghdad’s walls? Where are the inner-city war and the street-by-street battles?

"The Arab media succeeded in deceiving the people. On the whole, the deception was worse than in 1967. Fatwas succeeded — “Rise up for jihad!” — in burying some misguided volunteers and suicide bombers. The misguided fatwas did nothing but confirm those who were already miserable in their misery while those responsible for the fatwas continued to enjoy life. What are the masses now saying in their happiness to see an end to the tyrant whose photograph they rip apart and beat with their sandals? Only yesterday, they fell in line, actively demonstrating in the street with his photograph, repeating “Here we are, ready to sacrifice ourselves with our souls and blood for you!” And he led them into defeat!"


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