Coordination Examples

Specific examples of coordinated air attacks and ground operations. It is short but worth the read.


The roadmap to "peace" in the middle east, i.e. Israel, will require Palestinians to give up their fantasy of using human bombs to murder Israelis in the hope that it will persuade the Jews to leave. This requirement will be particularly difficult for the Palestinians, since roughly two-thirds of them favor the human bomb murders. Of course, it is not impossible to overcome, Tony Blair was able to overcome such odds to do the right thing on Iraq and was eventually supported. All it takes is leadership. Arafat has obviously failed this leadership test, and is not even trusted as a negotiating partner. His chosen successor apparently published a book denying the Germans attempt to exterminate all Jews--the holocaust. This suggest he is still in a fantasy world of his own, which makes him a most unlikely leader to persuade Palestinians to live in peace with Israel.

This roadmap may require some Israeli compromises, but the most difficult choices are for the Palestinians. One issue that will probably not be addressed is whether jews will be permitted to live in a Palestinian state. While there are over a million arabs living in Israel, it appears Palestine will be an apartheid state. One way to avoid this would to let the settlers in the West Bank and Gaza become citizens of them new state if they chose to stay. Perhaps the Palestinians will take the oportunity to prove they are not raciest or religous bigots. When the peace agreement is implemented, Arab states have said they will recognize Israel. Will they then permit jews to return to countries they were driven from in 1948?


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