Heavy Debate

The retired generals war against Rumsfeld suffered two blows Tuesday. The first came from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Myers, who made it clear that Rumsfeld had not vetoed sending more troops and that the plan for Iraqi Freedom was one put together by Tommy Franks and his staff at Centcom and was fully supported by all of the Joint Chiefs. Myers was also sending a messge to his subordinate commanders to "quit your bitchin" and get on with implementing the plan. The persistance of the media in pushing this theory that Rumsfeld was endangering US forces by denying additional troops indicates there is an agenda of some that has little to do with this war. The old tank commanders like Barry McCafferty would have preferred to see more "heavy" troops in the battle.

The second blow to this attack against "the plan" was on the ground in Iraq. US forces are now less than 20 miles from Baghdad having secured bridge crossings of both the Tigress and Euphrates rivers. The Marine units, the "lighter" of the two forces attacking Baghdad wiped out the Baghdad Division of the Republican Guard. It should be noted that Marine units in Gulf War I had similar success against the Iraqis. The "heavy" warriors feeled threatened in the battle for future funding by these Marine units that are much easier to deploy and have shown themselves to be just as effective as the M-1 drivers.


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