Syria II

It is a mistake to say that the US has no plans to invade Syria. What Syria is doing now by sending terrorist to kill Americans in Iraq is a clear violation of the Bush Doctrine. Syria should either control her terrorist elements are share their fate. To say that the US will only use diplomatic means and sanctions against Syria suggest that the US is only going to use the means that proved ineffective against Saddam's Iraqi regime. While the threat of the use of force might give the Euro weenies the vespers, it is much more likely to produce the results the US is seeking. At this point the diplomatic dance looks like a good cop bad cop routine, with Bush the cowboy playing the bad cop and Tony Blair along with the Saudis trying to persuade the Syrians to act responsibly before the crazy cowboy comes after them. If that works fine, if not the US should keep plenty of troops in Iraq.

Syria disputes the other charges against her, hiding Saddam's WMD and hiding fugitive Iraqis. Time will tell whether Syria's denials have merit. Syria, however, cannot dispute what the facts on the ground in Iraq show. Syrian identification cards on illegal combatants in Iraq suggest she is playing the same game she has played with Israel. It is a sign of Syria's fundamental weakness that she would use illegal combatants against US forces. She knows her army would lose in a heads up battle. At this point the most difficult obstacle the Bush administration would face in using force against the Assad regime in Syria would be overcoming the politics of the status quo. This is so even though there are plenty of smoking guns being fired by Syrian illegal combatants in Iraq.


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