Cooridnated Attacks

Attacks around Baghdad were coordinated with ground forces and AWAC and Joint Star flights that were within 60 miles of the city. Hunter drones and Predators also contributed to battlefield intelligence of an unprecedented level. Anytime the Iraqi's attempted to move they were spotted and killed.

This is one reason why the media hysteria about the raids on the supply lines was so misplaced. In order to really cut the supply lines the Iraqis would have had to mass sufficient force to cut off the US advance. However, if they massed any force, it would immediately be spotted. The 1800 US planes could immediately attack any massed force and wipe them out. In this way the ground forces complimented the air forces helping to create the target rich environment.

As the troops got closer to Baghdad, planes were stacked over the city with various ordinance giving the commander a menu to choose from for any given threat. The US forces also designated "kill boxes" in 30 by 30 mile grids that became similar to a free fire zone. The kill boxes were similar to a concept used at the battle of Khe Sanh in Vietnam where artillery and air were combined to deny certain real estate to the enemy.


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