Entertainers as Politicians

Entertainers who spoke out against the war to liberate Iraq are whining about the negative reaction of the public to their political stand. Many have complained that they have lost work as a result of their political stand. Schazam! Isn't that what happens to politicians all the time. At every election roughly half the people who run for office, who have an opponent, lose the job they are seeking because the public did not agree with something they said. It is one of the consequences associated with free speech. If American citizens decide to reject their performance because of something they said that is known as living with the consequences of taking a political position. It is not a blacklist. These people are selling entertainment as a product. Most people who sell any product go out of their way not to offend people who may be incline to buy their product. Most people selling products do not say insulting things about people they disagree with. Some actors seem to think they can say insulting things about a President, that 75 % of the people agree with on the war to liberate Iraq, and not expect anyone to take offense. These are the same Hollywood types who shun conservatives they disagree with. Ignorant hypocrits is a adequate description.

Famine as a WMD

North Korea is currently causing a famine to rid the rtegime of people that do not support it. The DRNK also has a huge gulag of political prisons where three generations of dissidents are housed and killed. One such prison identified by intelligence phots is said to house 50,000 people. There are some 300,000 refugees in China fearful of being caught and returned to North Korea where they would be punished for attempting to leave. Will the world do anything to help thses opporessed people, are will the other governemnts of the world pretend this is a matter of self determination for the people of North Korea. Estimates of death by famine are near one million people. For too long the world has turned a blind eye to holocaust practiced by communist regimes.


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