The Spoils of War

Secretary of State Powel has made it clear the victors will establish the interim government in Iraq, not the UN. The Axis of Weasals is grousing but knows they have no leverage, despite their claims of illegitemacy of the war. Actually their suggestion that the UN must administer Iraq, even though the organization failed in its responsibility makes no sense, and is a non starter in Washington.

A Farewell To Arms

Historian John Keegan raises the question of where the casualties are in Iraq. I believe there have been significant Iraqi casualties among the Baathist illegal combatants. The expected surrenders have not materialized because the Republican Guard has been taking off their uniform, down to their boots and in many cases throwing down their weapons. They are trying to blend into the civilian population. The question that remains is whether they will try to reconstitut as illegal combatants. Their throwing down of their weapon suggest they are making a farewell to arms.


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