Pelosi becomes a big fund raiser for Republicans

Houston Chronicle:
There’s a reason House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s face shows up in Republican ads and solicitations at election time: She is the GOP’s favorite villain, bar none.

In a Politico/Morning Consult poll two weeks ago, Pelosi’s unfavorable rating was 86 percent among supporters of President Donald Trump. By contrast, just 59 percent of Trump voters held a negative view of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

It’s no wonder that Pelosi’s warning Monday evening in Austin that Texas is “ground zero” in Democrats’ political plan is riling conservatives — or at least giving them a fresh opportunity to raise cash.

“This state, when it turns, and it will, it will change not just Texas, it will change the country and the world,” she said, speaking at the Travis County Democrats’ annual Johnson Bentsen Richards Dinner.

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy wasted no time seeking to capitalize on Pelosi’s words. In a fundraising solicitation today, Roy, a member of the arch-conservative Freedom Caucus in the House, asserted that Pelosi “is coming after Texas.” His district stretches from Austin to San Antonio and includes much of the Hill Country.

Roy and five other Texans in the U.S. House - among them Will Hurd of San Antonio and Michael McCaul of Austin - are among 33 incumbents around the country on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s initial takedown list for 2020.
The Democrats' problem is that by taking the House they can't hide their policies which are an anathema to most Texans.  Texas is prospering because it has done the opposite of what Democrats have done in states they control and the results are that the liberal states are losing population and that companies are moving to Texas where they have more freedom and lower taxes.  The Democrat regulatory state is a job killer as well as their confiscatory taxation.  I think Pelosi will help Republicans take back the House in 2020.


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