Polls show border barrier more popular than Green New Deal

Rose Tennent:
Americans are smart enough to know that border security benefits them long-term in ways that the Green New Deal never could. If it comes down to a choice between a flawed proposal calling for elimination of air travel and 99 percent of cars — to name a few insanities — and protecting our sovereign borders against the continuing onslaught of drugs, weapons, and human-trafficking, the latest polling numbers show that the American people are never going to choose insanity over security.

According to a recent survey published by the Remington Research Group, President Trump's border wall remains far more popular than the Democratic Party's radical Green New Deal — and by a hefty margin.

The poll found that 51 percent of Americans prefer that the U.S. government construct a border wall, while only 31 percent said the same about the Green New Deal.

Notably, the disparity is even greater when Democrat respondents are excluded, because self-identified independents reported preferring a border wall to the Green New Deal by a 2–1 margin, while Republicans predictably expressed an overwhelming preference for the border wall.
Even some people in the Green movement are skeptical of the Green New Deal which only make sense to members of the doomsday cult of global warming.


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