Obama's Sage Grouse restrictions put in place to bar oil and gas development eased by Trump

Rick Moran:
The Trump administration announced that they are in the process of finalizing plans that would ease the draconian restrictions on oil and gas exploration put in place by the Obama administration on land protecting the sage grouse.
It should be noted that energy companies would not be able to run wild and start destroying sage grouse habitat, although you'd never know it listening to radical greens.
Conservation groups denounced the move as a handout to the oil and gas industries, while an industry group praised it.
The new rules, announced by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, fits within the Trump administration’s broader plan to increase energy production on federal lands by loosening environmental regulations.
Former President Barack Obama’s 2015 plan to protect the ground-dwelling sage grouse imposed restrictions to development in their habitat but fell short of placing the bird on the endangered species list, which would have imposed far more rigid rules.
In 2017, the DOI ordered a review of protections for sage grouse to “ensure conservation efforts to not impede local economic opportunities.”
There are 11 states impacted by the plan, and most of them support it....
I seriously doubt that the Sage Grouse is so fragile it can't maneuver around oil and gas rigs.  This was just an excuse by Obama to block drilling and use the Endangered Feces Act to do it.


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