Job creation in US continues to outpace applicants for jobs

Monica Showalter:
With the press largely focused on the college cheating scandal and cooking up new ways to Blame Trump for the mosque massacre in New Zealand, some real news is going largely unnoticed: "US Job Opening[s] Soar To All Time High: 1.3 Million More Than Unemployed Workers."

According to Zerohedge's Tyler Durden:

After a modest slowdown in job openings which started in September and continued through November, today's JOLTS report — Janet Yellen's favorite labor market indicator — for the month of January showed an unprecedented surge in job openings across most categories at the start of 2019, with the total number soaring from an upward revised 7.479 million (from 7.335 million), to an all time high 7.581 million, smashing expectations of a 7.225 million print.

The job creation is so high under President Trump's tax cut and deregulatory regimen that there are more jobs than workers to fill them. The quitting rate is higher, too, and that means workers are finding higher-paid jobs, not just the one they have now, which means it's a worker's market now. President Trump took some flak for advising would-be illegal migrants to come here legally on the grounds that Americans should get first dibs on jobs, but given this labor shortage, it was obvious this was the reality out there. And yes, illegal immigration is surging. Many are coming here for jobs.

When was the last time workers can ever remember having not just a job, but their choice of jobs?
The Democrats on the campaign trail are trying hard to avoid this new reality about jobs as they push failed policies of the past.


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