The unhappy and distraught left in the US

Patricia McCarthy:
Among the many, many things that starkly define the differences between the Left and the right, none is more wretched than the difference in how they approach life. Leftists, even when they are in power, are generally miserable, discontent with America as it was founded and as it is, always banging their heads against some perceived wall. The right, on the other hand, is characterized by general good-natured love of country and the quest to save America from the radical left's reprehensible appropriation of the culture, academia, the media, and entertainment. Conservative people revel in their families, work, and self-reliance and their good fortune to be Americans. They are grateful people.

Leftists, since the administration of Woodrow Wilson, when they first called themselves "progressives," have been regressive ever since. They crave the socially stratified societies of the Middle Ages, with an elite ruling class that garners all the wealth and wields the power to tell everyone else how to live. California has pretty much re-created exactly that today, as have New York and D.C. and its environs. Even so, all those rich, intolerant liberals are always angry and unhappy. Since Trump was elected, they are well and truly forlorn.

There are countless "studies" that claim that such differences are genetic, but most have been conducted by partisans with one bias or another and are unreliable. We know that for at least the last forty years, academia has been run by tenured radicals bent on indoctrination, not education. When they were busy reformulating American history standards, they effectively deleted Washington and Lincoln in favor of heretofore lesser known persons of color. Why couldn't they just add people like Harriet Tubman to the standards without virtually erasing the Founders? Because they loathe those dead white males who sacrificed so much to see the Constitution drafted and a new nation forged. The new standards focused only on the negative aspects of American history. The message? America is an illegitimate country.

And now? Because they lost an election and the voters elected an unabashed patriot, the Democrats have deemed Trump an illegitimate president.

The Left hates people who love this country. Leftists are pounding their fists with fury that their hundred-year progressive campaign led to a Trump presidency. Nixon was bad, the Bushes were bad, but Trump! He is the black swan they never saw swimming their way, and he has rendered them disconsolate.
They seem to be especially unhappy that Trump's policies have led to greater prosperity and have lifted millions out of poverty and dependency.


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