Democrat Politicians use anti-hate to silence opposition to their weird agenda

D.C. McCallister:

House Democrats’ ‘Anti-Hate’ Resolution Is A Stress Test For Criminalizing Their Opposition

Leftists have refashioned 'hate' into a political tool to silence opposition. Christians and conservatives are routinely called racist, sexist, homophobes, on no evidence but their disagreement with the left.

Leftists have refashioned “hate” into a political tool to silence opposition. It has long been an effective Democratic tactic. In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney was falsely accused of being a sexist because he had professional binders of resumes of prospective female employees. He lost the women’s vote, partly because of the sexist label.

It’s become a running joke in political discourse that whenever conservatives call out leftist ideology, they’re immediately called a racist, sexist, or homophobe. It would be funny if it weren’t so bad, especially if a generalized definition of hate based on emotions eventually becomes an argument for law.

Will the free speech and religious liberty of the pastor who believes homosexuality is a sin be undermined as this mentality progresses, making him lose his livelihood and maybe even his freedom? Will the political commentator who says the black community needs to take more responsibility for its freedoms be hounded from social media, fired from his job, fined, or imprisoned, depending on the legislation?

Republicans should oppose the House resolution against hate and bigotry, not only because it doesn’t address the specific issue of Omar’s comments, but because it sets up a possible scenario in which legislation can be twisted to accuse the innocent of a criminal act—with straight, white Christians being the primary target.
Democrat politicians are no longer considered trustworthy on this issue.  There false charges of racism are too many and too suspect to give them a pass.  They use these false charges of racism to denigrate their political opposition but also to frighten their supporters into thinking the opposition is out to get them.


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