Send the Democrat socialist to Venezuela to get a first hand look at their folly

Judi McLeod:
Venezuelan President Juan Guaido issued them a personal invite on Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan Show on Monday.

Pulling AOC, Omar et al from their cotton batten-fortified lives as coddled Congress members and forcing them into reality is the best anyone could ever do for them.

It’s an obscenity to allow the “Socialist Democrats”, who are really propped-up “Justice Democrats,” to continue spouting their socialist ideals on society as long as the good citizens of Venezuela are having to rummage, dog-like, through street garbage for scraps to eat and collecting sewer water for their children.

AOC, Omar and company are equivalent to the socialist Venezuelan politicians who converge nightly in Caracas steak houses while the people they were elected to serve slowly starve to death in the dark.

If these Justice Democrats dared try to extoll the virtues of socialism in the streets of Venezuela the way they do in America, they’d be torn apart limb by limb.
One has to be ignorant of history to support socialism.  It is a failed ideology which has left millions of dead in its wake.


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