The lights go out in Venezuela and it is called a 'setback for the US'?

NY Times:

In Setback in Venezuela, U.S. Is Withdrawing Diplomats From Its Embassy

The withdrawal, announced by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is a blow to the Trump administration. The United States had resisted President Nicolás Maduro’s order for all American diplomats to leave.
I don't think they are leaving because of Maduro's order.  They are leaving because there are no lights or plumbing and the people are trying to collect water from the sewers.  Good grief.  There is not much of a country left to have relations within Venezuela.  Socialism has turned out to be worse than nuclear war for the people. 

Here is an idea for a story that would be relevant about Venezuela.  Get Bernie Sanders and AOC to explain exactly why socialism failed in Venezuela.  If they are still trying to defend this disgrace to humanity then it should be another strike at their own credibility.  The story is the failure of socialism, not the failure of Trump policies.


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