The feigned outrage over something Tucker Carlson said years ago

Michael Anton:
Let’s be completely clear here. Nobody—least of all the leftwing mobs attacking Tucker Carlson right now—cares what he said on the radio a decade ago. Except to the extent that his words can be wrapped around his neck like a noose.

All the feigned outrage is exactly that: feigned. David Brock and his henchmen, along with their instantly mobilized Twitter mob, are not outraged. Not in the least. They’re giddy! And why wouldn’t they be? They’ve been looking for a way to get “Tucker Carlson Tonight” canceled since the show debuted. The search intensified as its popularity rose and its message caught fire.

The imperative to kill the show reached a fever pitch after Carlson’s now-legendary January 2 monologue, which is the most searing indictment against a failed ruling class since Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.
Carlson may not be alone in autopsying, in humiliating detail, the massive failure of our elites. But he is the best at it, with the largest audience, and the biggest following of follow-on pundits, writers, bloggers, memers, and tweeters. Carlson and his show are the tip of the spear in a spiritual war, the most effective voice of the disaffected, despised, left-behind, forgotten America that our elites have manifestly failed.

The ruling class knows this. Its leftist handmaidens know it. They can’t beat Carlson on the field of ideas; not simply because he’s smarter and wittier than they are, but more fundamentally because he’s right and they’re wrong. And they know that, too.
The Soros backed Media Matters hit squad appears to be behind the attacks on Carlson.  That is enough to convince me the anger is feigned and is probably backed by a few Twitter groupies who like to project that their group is larger than it actually is.  They have made similar attacks on Rush Limbaugh who uncovered the scheme by about 10 people on Twitter who were using bots or some other device to act like they were a nationwide movement trying to get advertisers to drop Limbaugh.


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