The left keeps trying to suppress conservative speech

Dov Fischer:
Remember when the Left tried to drive Rush Limbaugh off the air seven years ago after he called Sandra Fluke a “slut”? Oh my, how they salivated as they got some advertisers to withdraw ads from Rush’s show! They thought they had Rush off the air. They really did. Carbonite, the computer-data back-up company, made a big splash when they announced they were pulling their ads off Rush. But Rush stuck it out. He stayed strong. And, like the Energizer Bunny, all these years later he still is going and going and going, while history records that Fluke was a fluke. And Carbonite’s stock value nose-dived.

Yes, it was right for Fox to dissociate from Bill O’Reilly. What can one say? All those many high-ticket legal settlements with women — too many. That was not about politics or about left-wing pressure, even though the revelations emanated from the New York Times Left. Our society just cannot abide that.

But then the Left came after Sean Hannity. Remember that one, when he backed Roy Moore against the Democrat in the Alabama race for U.S. Senate? And they got Keurig to pull some ads? Remember? That stopped pretty fast when the media was swamped with images of Hannity fans smashing their $100-plus Keurig coffee machines. Some of those tweets got more than two million views. It even got to the point that Sean went on TV and appealed to his viewers to stop smashing their coffee machines.

Next the Left tried to take down Laura Ingraham when she tweeted something perfectly legitimate about a narcissistic loud-mouthed kid at the Florida high school where the mass shooting took place. They tried to drive her off the air by pressuring her sponsors to abandon her or face withering boycotts. She withstood the onslaught, and Fox stood by her. She continues to run the best news-commentary show on television, hands down.

And now they want Tucker Carlson’s much-admired scalp. The Left came up with some offensive stuff he said on a shock-jock radio show ten or so years ago. They smelled blood, but it now seems clear that Fox News is going to stand by him. They better — otherwise, they may as well shift over to CNN/MSNBC Leftism because they will not have any of their current viewers left if they bail on Tucker. And then they likewise may as well switch their “Fox Nation” streaming thing to a 24/7 “Acme Hour” cartoon station.

In this utterly bifurcated society that now lives for character assassination and “gotcha!” destruction, as witness what was done even to Kevin Hart before the Oscars, many of us are numb to the point of no longer giving a darn regarding what garbage they dig up. We are so utterly sick of the double standard. Al Sharpton has a TV show on MSNBC, and yet that fraud promoted the Tawana Brawley circus and defamation. He even got convicted of defamation in a court of law. How many Americans get to experience that honor in a lifetime? Moreover, Sharpton personally played a role in inciting not one but two anti-Jewish pogroms — one in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and one at Freddie’s, a store in Harlem. There were street riots and deaths. Does anyone on the Left care? No?

Jimmy Kimmel wore blackface, spoke in comical antebellum “Shuffling Negro dialect,” was remarkably gross in his public depiction of women — all in the years before he got himself an ABC nighttime gig. Does anyone on the Left care? No? So we don’t care what you dig up on Tucker. How’s that?
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I like Tucker Carlson's show.  He treats his guests fairly and does it with good humor.  He makes good arguments for his position even if I don't always agree with him.  Watching CNN for a conservative is like having a conversation with someone who clearly hates you.  Much of the mainstream media has that problem  They openly pushed the Russian collusion hoax for two years and none of them, to my knowledge, has acknowledged that they were wrong and apologized.  In fact they are angry with Fox for exposing their lies.


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