The Democrats' job killing machine--The Green New Deal

Anna Stark:
The Green New Deal, proposed by N.Y. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and co-sponsored by Mass. senator Ed Markey, is not new. Their iteration is simply a repackaged adaptation replete with a garden-variety list of proposals per the socialist screed. Setting aside the guaranteed freebies for the masses, it's hard to ignore that the GND seeks to eliminate multiple industry sectors in the United States, while claiming that it will create millions of new jobs without proof to back up any of the claims. So I did the math and discovered that jobs lost in the energy, cattle/dairy, and airline employment sectors are staggering, and the lost revenue for the American economy would be catastrophic.

The U.S. energy industry currently employs 10.3 million people, according to the 2015 Economic Impact of the Natural Gas and Oil Industry report published by the American Petroleum Institute. The natural gas and oil industry in the United States contributes $1.3 trillion to the American economy. The United States coal-mining industry employed approximately 53,000 workers as of 2017 and garnered $26 billion in sales for the same year, according to the National Mining Association website. Ocasio-Cortez and Markey want to eliminate the use of natural gas, petroleum oil, and coal, failing to offer an explanation of how the American economy replaces the revenue lost. In addition, petroleum oil and coal are used in the production of hundreds of products from plastics to steel. Again, no explanation as to what replaces oil and coal in manufacturing.

"Mooving" along to the cattle and dairy industry in the United States, which the GND seeks to eradicate due to bovine flatulence, there are 913,246 cattle ranching operations spread across the country. Included in the number are 26,586 feed lots and approximately 65,000 dairy cow farms. The cattle business employs 772,236 workers and contributes $67.5 billion in annual revenue to the economy. American dairy farms employ fewer workers compared to the cattle industry — approximately 157,000 in total — but it's interesting to note that at least 76,000 of those working at dairy farms in the five largest dairy-producing states — California, Wisconsin, New York, Idaho, and Pennsylvania — are illegal aliens. The American dairy industry contributes $39 billion annually to the economy. Destroying the cattle and dairy industry in the United States will effectively eliminate nearly one million jobs and almost $100 billion in annual revenue. The replacement of the revenue? There is none. Eliminating dairy cows also destroys another industry in the United States: cheese-making. No cow's milk, no cheese.
Stark also quantifies the jobs lost in the air travel business.  I think it would also have equally catastrophic effects on the hospitality business.   Farm production of food would also become less efficient and would also be plagued by an inability to get the food to market.  The jobs that they plan to create for inefficient green energy would not be nearly as productive as the current jobs.  I think it is highly likely that attempts to implement this radical policy would lead to civil resistance.  Besides killing jobs, it is likely that it would lead to the killing of people who resisted the programs.  How many people are teh Democrats willing to kill to impose this scheme?


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