Why do some Americans now think it is OK to kill a baby?

Patricia McCarthy:
Last night in Southern California, a young woman killed her newborn baby.  Why?  Who knows?  But why wouldn't a desperate and perhaps ignorant young woman think it was acceptable to discard her newborn?
The governor of New York celebrated his signing of a law that permits exactly that: the killing of a newborn baby.  The Democrats in Congress just voted against a bill that would require doctors to treat infants who survive late-term abortions.  Other states are following this lead.  Planned Parenthood is onboard; it pays those Democrats to legalize abortion up to and after birth.  Planned Parenthood gets rich selling the parts of those fetuses and infants.  It seems unthinkable, but it is true.
So why would any young mother who gives birth to an unwanted child not think it is perfectly fine to dump her baby into the trash?  This is what the Left hath wrought: the notion that infanticide is not only tolerable and legal, but morally defensible.
Our nation has arrived at the nadir of its grasp of a moral sense.  Thanks to the radical left, our government (not the American people) has become totally bereft of any sense of Judeo-Christian values.  For decades, those running the government have worked tirelessly to erase any reference to faith from the public sphere and the history books from which our children "learn."  See David Horowitz's new book, Dark Agenda.  Thanks to this hundred-year campaign of the Left, we are now a nation that is morally adrift.  One only has to look at the Democrats' inability to call out Ilhan Omar's incessant anti-Semitism to realize how far we have been dragged into the gutter of nihilism.
We have regressed to the morality of pagans who sacrificed babies from the Carthaginians to Central and South American tribes in the Americas.  Such a lack of respect for life could not happen without the enthusiastic support of the left in this country.


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