Media and Democrats have trouble keeping up with Trump's pace

House Democrats can’t escape Trumpmania.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues are living under a harsh new reality fueled by the rise of Donald Trump — a scandal-driven climate with a five-minute news cycle that has proven impossible to control.

“When have we ever had a presidency when the news cycle is dictated in the morning by what he tweets?” asked Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.). “You’re working overtime to make your case, and it’s like pushing the bean uphill, you realize what a difficult job it is in this environment.”

Since the start of their majority, House Democrats have largely struggled to push their message past the daily drumbeat of Trump tweets and scandals. But as House Republicans found out to their own detriment, the media now moves at the speed of Trump while Democrats are forced to legislate at the speed of Congress.

The result is a muddled message that has stoked anxiety among dozens of new members serving in red districts who are increasingly desperate to talk about their agenda. It’s also left senior Democrats worried about how they will steer the party as Trump moves into his reelection campaign.

"With social media, with 24 hour news, with Donald Trump, we’re learning to do more than one thing," Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) said. "We’ve got to address these extraneous issues but still understand that the key is doing our legislative work."
Trump has a way of keeping his adversaries on defense even when they are trying to put him on defense.  While Congressional Democrats are trying to plan, Trump is already on to the next thing on his agenda.  As the media has also learned Trump is not a stoic punching bag like past Republican Presidents.  He is not prone to lie back and absorb blows.  He continues to be a disrupter.


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