A challenge to the unconstitutional movement to push for popular vote to decide Presidential elections

Washington Free Beacon:
Any legal effort to challenge the constitutionality of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV) will have to wait until enough states formally adopt the measure, according to numerous constitutional and legal experts on the matter.

Opponents to NPV have long consoled themselves with the fallback idea that even if enough states might eventually join the compact, it would likely be found unconstitutional in the courts.

The NPV is an agreement between states that enter into the compact to change the way a state casts all of its Electoral College votes, typically awarding all of them to the candidate that wins a plurality in that state. Instead, once the votes are tallied across the country, states in the NPV would cast their Electoral College votes to the candidate who won the most votes nationwide, regardless of whether the candidate carried the state.
The results of such a move would give outsized import to states like New York, California, and Illinois.  It is an attempt to thwart the Electoral Collge concept which the framers came up with to get smaller states to join the union.  I think that is ultimately why the move will be found to be unconstitutional.


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