Trump rebukes those in Congress who have acted irresponsibly in defending the US border

Washington Post:
Trump issues his first veto as he targets congressional rejection of emergency declaration

The rare rebuke from a dozen senators of President Trump’s own party over his border-wall emergency was symbolically important, but Congress lacks the votes to overturn a veto.
Congress has been acting irresponsible about defending the border for years and it has only gotten worse since the Democrats took the House in 2018.  Those Democrats deserve a rebuke of their irresponsible attempts to ignore the crisis on the border and pretend it is not happening.  In the Senate, there were a dozen Republicans who went along with the irresponsible Democrats.  It was a cheap vote by them because they knew the President would veto the resolution and there would not be enough votes to override his veto.  It was just the kind of show vote that helped get Trump elected in the first place.

The Post also reports:
U.S. officials say massive smuggling effort speeds immigrants across the border

Criminal organizations have mounted a lucrative new operation that uses express buses to deliver migrant families to the U.S. border in a matter of days, according to U.S. law enforcement reports and U.S. and Guatemalan officials.
The Democrat politicians not only don't care that this is happening they are happy that it is.  They want these people to be counted in the 2020 Census so they can steal more House seats.  It is why they oppose a question on the Census about citizenship.  The bad faith of the Democrat Politicians on the border issue is palpable.


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