Minorities have 'affirmative action' for underachievers while rich people have to pay bribes for their underachiever children

NY Times:

‘What Does It Take?’: Admissions Scandal Is a Harsh Lesson in Racial Disparities

For students of color who have long had to justify their presence on campus, the federal fraud case was a reminder of deep inequalities in admissions.
I put three children through college without paying a bribe or benefiting from quotas.  I let them choose where they wanted to go but told them they needed to find a place we could afford.  They all did well in college and they all worked some to help pay their way.  They all eventually got Masters degrees on their own. They all have successful careers even though none of them went to Ivy League schools. 

The admission scandal is sad on many levels.  It appears to be the result of an artificial barrier to entry which has been manipulated to put some groups ahead of others.  This aspect leads to parents of underachievers trying to manipulate the system and the institutions allowing shakedown artist to accommodate them.

The fact is that good student can get a quality education at schools which may not be considered elite.  While I got my undergraduate degree and a law degree from the Univesity of Texas which has some cache I worked with people who graduated from various schools around the country and for the most part they were all competent in their field.


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