People wearing MAGA hats are collateral damage in the media war against Trump

Adriana Cohen:
Wood’s right. CNN’s coverage on the incident was part of a social media firestorm, destroying the teens reputations by painting them as racists who don’t respect people of color or veterans who risked their lives for the country. The backlash was so intense the boys were subjected to death threats and Covington High School had to be closed for “safety concerns” following the incident.

Then the truth emerged the Native American man, Nathan Phillips, wasn’t a “war hero,” that he never served in Vietnam despite the media’s portrayal of him. Then evidence surfaced that the boys didn’t accost Phillips — that he was the one who confronted them, instigating the provocation.

All of which illustrates that media today — acting as defacto PR firms for the DNC — will destroy anyone’s life or reputation in its ongoing war against Trump.

Facts be damned.

If media were vetting stories for truth and accuracy, the Covington students would not have been smeared the way they were.

Many news outlets also rushed to defend disgraced “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett who fabricated a hate crime against himself and made the allegation a political hit-job with his claim the fake assailant said “this is MAGA country,” during the assault. Media ran with the hoax, again, trying to paint Trump supporters as racist, violent homophobes. Smollett has since been arrested and indicted on 16 felony counts for making the whole thing up.

Perhaps a lawsuit or two will encourage media to start reporting the news honestly, fairly and objectively.
Lin Wood appears to be a very good attorney who had had success suing victims of media abuse in the past.  It can be argued that media outlet like the Post and CNN bet the company on allegations against an innocent child that have been demonstrated to be false.  It looks like their defense of what looks like irresponsible journalism will be very expensive regardless of the outcome.  It also appears that they relied on a guy who was not a credible witness.


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