When will the Washington Post apologize for its part in pushing the Russian collusion hoax?

Washington Post:
The strategy of avoiding statements of contrition is an approach that seems to run parallel to the political career of the network’s biggest fans: President Trump.
The Washington Post has been a cheerleader for the Russian collusion hoax for a couple of years now and has yet to apologize for pushing that false narrative.  It is a much more consequential misjudgment than the things they are griping about on Fox.  The Post appears to have really been taken in by the Fusian GPS scam and the discredited dossier produced with Clinton and DNC funding.  I think they were suckered because of their own animus for the President and his policies which have been for the most part successful in growing the economy and creating jobs that are lifting people out of poverty and dependency.

While I did not hear the Pirro commentary, I thought her question was much more relevant than the nonsense being spouted by Omar about Jews.  There is something going on in Omar's upbringing that has made her have an animus toward Jews and it is unlikely that it stems from personal contact with them while growing up in Somalia.  Raising a question about the source of that animus is legitimate.

I think what is going on with the attacks on Tucker Carlson stem from the Soros funded Media Matters which systematically attacks Fox hosts from time to time.  The Post has had its own conflicts with Fox which has questioned the Post's reporting in the past.  The Post also seems upset that Fox personalities help expose the Russian collusion hoax.  This is what I have come to expect from media outlets that were too invested in bringing down the President instead of being fair in their news judgment.


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