Ballot harvesting should be banned

Susan Crabtree:
When Democrats across the country recently condemned the “ballot harvesting” election fraud on display in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, Republicans who have spent years fighting the practice found themselves saying “I told you so.”

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez praised the North Carolina election board’s decision last week to throw out the results that delivered a win for Republican Mark Harris and mandate an election do-over to determine the true winner.

“Calling for a new election in #NC09 was the right decision,” Perez tweeted. “Americans shouldn’t have to wonder if their votes will be counted. We need to fight like hell to make sure this doesn’t happen again in #NC09 or anywhere else in our country.”

Republicans were less-than-impressed by Perez’s condemnation of ballot-harvesting fraud. That’s because ballot harvesting is illegal in North Carolina only because the GOP-controlled legislature outlawed it. Only close relatives or legal guardians can submit a ballot on behalf of a voter; all others risk being charged with a felony.

Most Republican efforts to address voter fraud focus on laws requiring in-person voting and photo IDs. Such voter-verification policies for years have spurred charges of racism from Democrats, who maintain that they are designed to suppress the vote of minorities.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out the Democrats’ situational outrage over the practice.

“For years and years, every Republican who dared to call for common-sense safeguards for Americans’ ballots was demonized by Democrats and their allies,” he said. “We were hit with left-wing talking points insisting that voter fraud wasn’t real. That fraud just didn’t happen.”

“But I have noticed with interest that Democrats’ new focus on this practice has yet to extend to California – where it is a completely legal, common practice,” added McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.
There should be a nationwide ban on the practice.  It makes voter fraud too easy as demonstrated in this case and as was very likely in California where illegal aliens were used to harvest votes for Democrats.


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