Pelosi exposed as untruthful on reason for trying to postpone State of the Union address

Jeff Dunetz:
On Wednesday Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House who cares about politics more than the country sent a letter to the White House urging the president to re-schedule or cancel the coming State Of The Union address. Pelosi said the reason for the move was the Secret Service won’t be able to protect the president during the partial government shutdown. But the Secret Service called bull crap on Pelosi’s claim, not only are they ready to defend the President during the SOTU, but no Democrat asked them before Nancy Pelosi sent her letter.
Many believe that her real message is that she will remain intransigent on solving the shutdown.  It means the Democrats are not willing to negotiate on the issue of border security and their opposition to a border fence they supported in the past.  Their bad faith opposition will continue.  They can't even be honest about why they are doing it.


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