Extreme weather destroys the premise of the alternative energy business

NBC News:
Extreme cold gripping Midwest does not debunk global warming, experts say

“A cold snap in the teeth of global warming is no more unusual than a cool day in summer. Both happen,” one climate scientist said.
The extreme cold is certainly counterintuitive to the argument that the earth is becoming inexorably warmer.

But the real point of this post is that the perceived answer to global warming is alternative energy and neither wind or solar energy can be produced in these conditions leaving the humans at the mercy of a killer cold front.

This storm is already a killer according to the Washington Post:
Extreme cold kills as many as 6 people as polar vortex spreads into Midwest

It was colder than Alaska’s North Slope in many places, with one city in Minnesota reporting wind chills of minus-65 degrees.
The death toll would be significantly greater if the effected area were limited to alternative energy.


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