Headwinds for Democrats and Mueller

Ed Morrissey:
WaPo/ABC Poll: Majority Opposes Impeachment, Has Little To No Confidence In Mueller’s Fairness

The trend on impeachment has moved in Trump’s direction, by the way, despite Steyer’s multimillion-dollar campaign. Last August, the result was a 49/46 plurality in support of impeachment proceedings beginning in the House. In just five months, that has flipped 18 points in the gap in this series.
They’re almost equally cynical about Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe now. Once burned, twice shy:

Half of Americans report they have “just some” confidence or none at all that the Mueller report will be fair and evenhanded, and 43 percent say they have at least a good amount of confidence in its fairness.

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. The poll was taken before Roger Stone’s dramatic arrest and indictment, but after Mueller publicly contradicted a Buzzfeed report that claimed Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. That demonstration of fairness apparently didn’t make much of a dent in the public consciousness. Almost a third of Democrats (32%) express little to no confidence in Mueller’s investigation, which increases to 53% with independents and 70% with Republicans.
They have searched in vain for impeachable offenses for two years and found nothing of substance.  Mueller has been a process crime manufacturer who is yet to find evidence that the Russians impacted the vote or that Trump conspired with them.  It should also be noted that Trump keeps doing things that are inconsistent with Russian interests.


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