Democrat politicians and their national suicide pact

George Neumayr:
"A wall is an immorality between countries,” Nancy Pelosi said the other day. The New York Times recently ran a piece entitled “There is Nothing Wrong with Open Borders.” Democrats across the country routinely call for the abolition of ICE and the spread of sanctuary cities. Here and there Democrats may dissent from the platform of open borders, but it is clear that the ideological core of the party favors it. Top officials at the DNC, such as Keith Ellison, walk around in T-shirts emblazoned with calls for open borders.

Out of this absolutism has come Pelosi’s recalcitrance during the shutdown. She claims the moral high ground, but for whom? Americans? The party has once again fallen into the hands of San Francisco Democrats who treat invented rights as more pressing than natural ones. They assert out of thin air the inalienable right of foreigners to claim citizenship, as if governments exist not to serve the good of the people who form them but the abstract rights of those outside of that government. If the Republicans are the America First party, the Democrats increasingly resemble the America Last party, fighting not to preserve a stable, secure, and orderly government for Americans but to sustain a fantasy against common sense that prioritizes the demands of foreigners.

Where is the morality in that? It is simply injustice to one’s own citizens dressed up as “humanitarianism” — a policy as unjust as parents who, in determining the security of their home, give greater consideration to strangers than their own children. The Pelosi-led Democrats sound like Charles Dickens’s character Mrs. Jellyby, who neglected her own children while fretting over the fate of a tiny tribe in Africa. They reserve their strongest feelings for people whom they have never met. They congratulate themselves on their morality while failing to discharge the moral duties most immediate to them — to their own constituents and countrymen.
Pelosi’s open-borders absolutism, insofar as it strikes at the very roots of government’s legitimacy, poses a far greater threat to government employees than delayed payments. Unpaid and furloughed federal works mystified by Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate realize that they won’t have jobs at all if the nation’s borders dissolve. Pelosi occupies not the moral high ground but Washington’s decades-long swamp in which pols neglected the security and stability of their countrymen for the sake of future votes and cheap labor from foreigners. It took Trump to confront this crisis once and for all so that government can even continue. A much more profound “government shutdown” preceded this temporary one, which was the bipartisan refusal to close the border, a policy Trump correctly sees as poisonous to the nation’s very survival.
Democrat politicians seem blinded by hate for the President and for the nation's borders and those who have been hired to protect it.  They are willing to put the health of the nation at risk in hopes of getting more illegals counted in the census so they can claim more House seats.


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