The Hail Mary media

Roger Staubach coined the phrase Hail Mary to describe a desperation pass at the end of a game he was losing.  That appears to be what some in the media were doing when they pushed a story saying Trump told his lawyer to lie in testimony before Congress.  The rest of the hail Mary media glommed on to it and started talking about impeachment without evidence.

When the Special Counsel debunked the story it quickly collapsed and left them with egg on their face.  Buzz Feed, the original publisher of the story shortly thereafter laid off 200 reporters and other news outlets laid off an additional 800 on what appeared to be the same day.  Was the story an attempt to reviving a failing publication and save those jobs?  It looks like it.

So what does an embarrassed media do to change the subject?  They attack some high school kids who were the subject of intimidation attempts by some strange people at the Lincoln Memorial.  They get the story completely backwards accusing the smiling teens of trying to intimidate a phony Vietnam vet who was beating a war drum in their face.

It closed out one of the most disgraceful weeks of media irresponsibility in recent memory.  What do these two events have in common?  It was a hatred of the President.  Trump has frustrated their attempt to drive him from office with a cascade of false stories about Russian collusion and obstruction of justice into an investigation of the bogus charges.  They were then triggered by their irrational hatred of hats bearing his campaign slogan, Make America Great Again worn by the high school students. 

The Hail Mary media might have been successful against a lesser figure.  Trump reminds me of people who have the ability to excel in chaos when many around them are losing their head.  It is a feature of some people who have ADHD.  They tend to be hyper sometimes, but when they are under assault it is as if the world matches the pace at which they are most comfortable.  That is why people with ADHD can excel in combat, or as firefighters and police. 

Trump has done something no other President has done.  He has frustrated the media to the delight of his supporters.


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