Mueller rebukes Buzz Feed story suggesting Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress

Washington Post:
In rare move, special counsel disputes a report saying Trump directed Cohen to lie

Less than 24 hours after the news site BuzzFeed reported that the president instructed his personal attorney to lie to Congress about his push for a Moscow real estate project, Robert S. Mueller III’s office put out a statement disputing the reporting.
What this tells you about not only Buzz Feed but the rest of the media is that they want these stories about Trump to be true so desperately that they are destroying their own credibility.   The same can be said for Democrats who were talking about impeachment based on a false report.  It is an example of both the anti-Trump media and the Democrats who are willing to believe anything about Trump if they can use it to remove them from office.

I questioned the relevance of the story, to begin with, because it seemed so silly.  There was nothing illegal about the Trump organization pursuing a deal to build a building in Russia.  Nothing.  That being the case, there is little reason to lie about the timing of when that effort ended.  And if that was the case, it would be hard to prove that the lie was material if made.

It is interesting to see so many in Congress think it is a crime for such a statement to be made, but those same people think nothing of Speaker Pelosi lying about not having adequate security for the State of the Union address.  The message they are conveying is that Democrats in Congress may lie at will.


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