Democrat to push bad faith Trump investigation regardless of Mueller report?

Byron York:
The position of most Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill is that lawmakers are waiting until Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller delivers his report before considering whether to impeach President Trump. But what if Mueller does not accuse the president of wrongdoing, or at least impeachable wrongdoing? Would Democrats say, 'Never mind,' put away thoughts of impeachment, and move on to the next item on their agenda?

That seems unlikely. Many Democrats are deeply, emotionally committed to resisting Trump. Sixty-six House Democrats voted to allow impeachment articles to move forward a year ago. Now, with the House in Democratic hands, and after another year of media-hyped Trump-Russia allegations, there's no reason to believe Democrats would abandon the Russia issue regardless of what Mueller does.

In addition, some Democrats are warning that the public might not see all of Mueller's report. Justice Department rules don't require it, and attorney general nominee William Barr, in recent confirmation hearings, did not promise to release the whole thing.

So now there is talk about starting a new House Trump-Russia investigation that would essentially replicate what Mueller is doing now, but with the assurance that the proper (anti-Trump) result would be reached and that it could be used for impeachment purposes.

When Mueller poured water on the BuzzFeed report claiming that Trump directed fixer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, pledged to take up where BuzzFeed left off, no matter what Mueller said.

"Are you still going to investigate the claims?" Schiff was asked on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"Absolutely, absolutely," Schiff said.
Schiff claimed without evidence early on that there was evidence of Trump Russian collusion.  Since none has been found he is still making a vain hunt for that white whale.  It appears that the Mueller probe as devised by the FBI and DOJ was a bad faith effort from the beginning meant to tie the President's hands. 

Those responsible for pushing the probe knew by that time that the Steele dossier was not corroborated or reliable but they pressed on because of animus toward the President.  I suspect that some of them hoped to trap him into an obstruction of justice charge for resisting the bogus investigation.

The Democrats and their media allies have also pushed the ridiculous allegation that he was a Russian agent, which makes no sense at all.  It is as if both the media and the Democrats are infected by a mania. 

Trump's policies have strengthened the US economy and the US military.  He has unleashed the potential for US energy production which Obama tried to throttle.  He has allowed commanders in the field to take appropriate action against the enemy without having the deal with Obama amateurs who mainly tried to throttle US military responses to ISIS.

One of their responses to aggression destroyed a Russian hybrid warfare attack in Syria, yet Democrats and the media accused him of being a Russian agent.  It is one of the most absurd allegations ever in American politics.  McCarthy had more credibility on Russian collusion than these Democrats and their media cohorts.


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