Former Federal prosecutor reveals how FBI ignored evidence in 'investigation of Hillary Clinton

Sidney Powell:
The Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Hillary Clinton have a HUGE Weiner problem that is even bigger than we first realized.

According to the recently released inspector general report, on September 28 and 29, 2016 the New York office of the FBI immediately reported to the Washington headquarters its discovery of, first, 141,000 and then 350,000 emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner — also known as “Carlos Danger,” a now-convicted sex offender. Mr. Weiner is the husband of Hillary Clinton’s inseparable aide Huma Abedin.

Now we know by October 4, the New York office had found 700,000 emails. The New York agents had seen and reported to FBI leadership they had seen email headers, all domain names, Mrs. Clinton’s initials on one sensitive but not classified document, and the missing BlackBerry backups.

The New York agents described it as the “entire file” of all Hillary Clinton emails from 2006 until 2016, including the BlackBerry messages that Comey himself had referred to as “the golden emails.”

Yet, lo and behold, here so many emails were. Hundreds of thousands of emails, the “entire file” — everything Clinton — including data from the BlackBerrys and other devices for which the FBI and DOJ decided not to run search warrants because they “assumed” they had been destroyed.

So what did the FBI do with this “explosive” “bomb” including the “golden emails” on the BlackBerry that everyone knew was missing from the production?

Nothing — at least nothing to obtain evidence.

Remarkably, McCabe, Comey, Priestap, Strzok,and then Mary McCord at DOJ have little recollection of much of this at all. It just kind of “fell off the radar.” They were “busy.” it was probably “duplicates,” and their focus was on the “Russia” investigation to which they gave priority. And after all, they did not expect any information on the laptop to “change the outcome of the case.”

Of course they did not, but the only reason for that is that the outcome that she would not be prosecuted was a foregone conclusion from the beginning.

First, just do the math. There were 675,000 of them—at least 350,000 of which they knew from the video call of September 28. Clinton produced approximately 30,000 emails — claiming that included all her work-related emails. Supposedly, her staff culled 33,000 emails that were purely personal.

Combined, that is more than 600,000 emails short of this colossal find, which is ten times the total number of emails Clinton and company claimed existed.

Second, the agents and Comey all knew they had no BlackBerry messages from Mrs. Clinton’s production. But from Weiner’s laptop, they knew from the headers and dates, they had all of those — the first two months of her tenure as secretary of state.

This was the motherlode of Clinton culpability — the answers to everything they did not want anyone to know.
There is more.

This is a good example of the two-tier justice system at the FBI where they ignore obvious violations of the law by Hillary Clinton while she distracts them with a bogus dossier about Trump which they apparently believed without any hard evidence to support it.   To this day they still ignore Clinton's violations of the law, even though they have evidence of it as well as evidence of her obstruction of justice in trying to destroy evidence.

There is no reasonable explanation for this other than political bias favoring Clinton and animus toward Trump.


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