Democrats stand mute on events in Venezuela

Monica Showalter:
All over the world, nations and leaders are throwing expressions of support and praise for Venezuela's leaders and people, who after many years of oppression and missteps, have come together with a courageous plan to non-violently shake off a detested socialist dictatorship that has left their country in ruins. Television pictures from yesterday's demonstration covered the story in spades, showing the magnificent human spectacle to U.S. viewers.

President Trump and Vice President Pence have been right there for them. The Organization of American States and the Inter American Development Bank are loudly supporting them. The European Union is openly encouraging them.

There also are the skunks, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin's government, an official of which dismissed the millions-strong effort to shake off socialism and finally have food to eat, muggers in jail, a full roll of toilet paper and hospitals with sheets, running water and Band Aids as "an attempted coup.'

Then there are the Democrats, who are curiously, weirdly silent.

For sure they're a noisy bunch out on Twitter - opining in spades on the government shutdown, their desire to impeach Trump, Chinese investments in the Congo, and transgender troops in the military. But with the exception of a tiny sliver of them from battleground state Florida, which houses thousands of Cuban and Venezuelan refugees from socialism, they're ... silent.

You know, like they support Putin. Or wouldn't dream of criticizing him and his effort to keep Venezuela socialist. Nope, not a thing from nearly any of them to say.

What we can conclude from this is three things: That the collapse of socialism is an embarrassing topic for Democrats who are trying to sell it here. That supporting Maduro, as is this inclination, automatically puts them in the same camp as Vladimir Putin, the man they claim President Trump is in bed with. And three, it suggests that they'll do anything to oppose and undermine President Trump, even if that means throwing Venezuelans under the bus. No wonder they're too petrified to say anything. Here they could be scarfing up Venezuelan and Latino good will by siding with President Trump against the clown dictatorship in Caracas, and they just can't bring themselves to do it, not even for the Latino vote.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does side with Putin on events in Venezuela. I guess she has to show solidarity with other socialist even when they are abject failures.  But Democrats have been mainly silent about Venezuela even before the country reached the stage of collapse and the people took to the streets.


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