Britain already has a law which requires leaving the EU if no deal is struck by March 29 as some try to reverse it

Melanie Phillips:
Westminster is currently heaving with plots aimed at reversing the 2016 referendum result – while purporting to honor it. So MPs are coming up with demands to delay the legal date for the UK’s departure, demands for a second referendum, demands for “compromise” departure terms that are, in effect, forms of Remain.

This is all to break what is widely reported as the parliamentary “deadlock” over the issue. But there’s no deadlock. The legally binding default position is that if no deal with the EU is struck, Britain will leave on March 29 without a deal.

This is enshrined in an act of parliament passed last year. So the way forward is in fact very clear. The problem is that MPs who passed this act of parliament now want to dump it. They claim that leaving with no deal is out of the question because it would plunge Britain into chaos and ruin.

Britain has been subjected to a blizzard of scare stories about starving to death, running out of medicines or being unable to fly to Europe if it leaves with no deal.

These are ludicrous exaggerations. Much more to the point, the EU itself has far too much to lose from having no deal. But it will only do a deal on Britain’s terms if its own back is to the wall. In other words, leaving with no deal is essential to get the deal that Britain wants.

Yet instead of helping bring that about, Remainer MPs are spitting in the eye of democracy by seeking to reverse the referendum result, thus setting parliament against the people. Why?

At the core of much Remain thinking lies a profound indifference toward or even contempt for the very idea of a sovereign nation. For people who take pride in their cosmopolitanism and who regard national ties as a form of bigoted atavism, democracy can be endlessly reinvented in their own image.

Such Remainers thus grossly underrated the depth of feeling behind the vote for Brexit because they grossly underrate Britain itself.
People look for leaders who will defend their way of life, promote the historic culture that binds their society together into a nation they can call their own, and take all necessary measures to keep it safe and inviolate.

The failure by the political establishment to deliver that led directly to the Brexit vote, the election of US President Donald Trump and, in Israel, to the destruction of the Left as a political force.

The idea of the modern nation state grew out of the Enlightenment which first came up with the notion of limited government, the consent of the governed and sovereignty within national borders.

Britain was first into the Enlightenment – but having led the West for the past half-century in secular ideologies which repudiate truth and reason, it’s also been the first out. Through restoring national independence, Brexit offers Britain its last chance to become itself again.
By joining the EU the Brits lost sovereignty not only over trade but also its ability to defend itself from attack by terrorist.  The Europeans would not allow deportation to countries whose criminal justice system was believed to be less than pristine.   Thus know terrorist had to be provided with expensive housing in Britain rather than deported to their home country. 

As for the trade benefits, they mainly went to those in the financial services business as London became a hub for those activities.  But along with that they also had ridiculous restrictions on imports which mainly benefited the European producers.  They were stuck with idiotic rules on the size and shape of vegetables that could be sold along with other control freak policies.  These policies were not seen as a benefit to those not among the elites who prospered from financial transactions.

I do not think the consequences of a no deal departure from the EU are dire.  The Brits could probably strike a deal with the US and many of the Commonwealth countries that could provide them with goods and services at a better price than the EU and without the burdensome regulations.


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