The Starbucks billionaire looks sane standing next to Democrats these days

Derek Hunter:
But what Schultz’s potential candidacy really does more than anything else, and why the establishment really hates the idea of it, is it exposes just how crazy they’ve gone. Even an only semi-sane Democrat next to a lunatic radical leftist pulls back the curtain on how far left they’ve gone as a party. Schultz admits the country can’t afford the Democratic Party’s new proposals for “free” everything, no matter how much they tax the rich.

I don’t blame Democrats for worrying, but they’re worrying for the wrong reasons. The possible entry of Schultz does threaten them, but not because he’d pull votes from them, it’s because their current positions could drive votes to him. A man having a screaming match with a lamppost looks even crazier when standing next to another man simply having a casual conversation with one.

It’s not the fault of the former Starbucks CEO that the Democratic Party has abandoned sanity and blue collar America for the outrage mob. To paraphrase Jeremiah Wright, whose racism and hatred of America are now mainstream liberal dogma, their chickens are coming home to roost.
Confiscatory taxation and giveaways make no economic sense.  They are a crude appeal to the dependency class in the Democrat party.  That class has been shrinking in the expansion of the US economy under Trump.


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