Local sheriffs in Washington state are providing sanctuary against Democrat gun confiscation laws

Jazz Shaw:
The state of Washington passed a raft of new gun control laws that went into effect this year and they have another batch making its way through the legislature right now. These regulations cover everything from most semiautomatic rifles and magazines above a given capacity to the minimum age to purchase a firearm. But not everyone in Washington is thrilled with these changes. Gun control may be popular in the major cities, but sheriffs out in the more rural counties are not, with some of them going on record saying that they have no plans to enforce these laws. (Guardian)
Others are urging more counties and towns to adopt “sanctuary” policies designed to protect the Second Amendment rights of their citizens. That puts Democrats in a tricky position because supporting sanctuary status when it comes to illegal aliens but rejecting it for an enshrined Constitutional right is a rather hypocritical pair of positions to take.
Democrats are at war with the Constitution on many issues including the 2nd Amendment. 


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