Democrats using unpaid workers as leverage

Biz Pac Review:
Rep Crenshaw slams Dems for using fed workers as pawns: If they vote ‘no’ to pay them, they must be leverage

Democrats introduced another bill Wednesday to fund the entire government, but once again did not include any funding for President Trump’s requested wall along the southern U.S. border, the condition that has lead to an impasse as the month-long partial government shutdown becomes the longest one in history.

Republicans countered with a motion to erase the Democrat-sponsored appropriations bill and vote instead on one that would pay furloughed workers. Republicans were joined by only 10 Democrats in voting in favor of the bill, a slight increase from the six who defected from the Democratic line last week with a similar bill....

“This is important. If their priority is really federal workers, and that’s a laudable priority for sure, then let’s actually pay them so that they can’t be used as pawns,” Crenshaw said. “If we’re not paying them, then I don’t know what else to say except that Democrats actually want them as leverage and that’s really not right.”

“Let’s pay them right now,” he urged. “Let’s pass these kind of bills.”
It is another example of the bad faith Democrats have acted with since they refused to fund the border barrier.


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