Anti-energy left given opportunity to drive up cost and delay LNG facilities at port in Brownsville, Texas

Fuel Fix:
Enviros granted legal status to fight proposed LNG project at Port of Brownsville
This is a job-killing operation undertaken by groups that oppose fossil fuel projects.  One of the unstated goals of environmentalist is to drive up the cost of projects was supporting less efficient alternative energy projects which can't match fossil fuel when it comes to scaling to meet demand.

One of the ironies is that LNG reduces dependency on coal making it a cleaner fuel for energy production.  It is also more reliable than alternative energy which is less capable of dealing with extreme weather.
"SaveRGV states that it has an interest in the proceeding because SaveRGV and its members have environmental, aesthetic, and economic interests that will be directly affected by the project," Davis wrote in the notice. "SaveRGV's motion is unopposed."


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