Americans favor improved border security

Ed Morrissey:
Emerson Poll: Americans Want Better Border Enforcement By More Than 2:1
I think the Republicans need to be more focused on the ineffectiveness of the Democrat proposals.  The Democrats want to spend money on increased detection.  The problem with that is is allows the immigrants into the country once apprehended.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports:

  • 43 percent of all aliens free pending trial failed to appear for court in 2017.
  • Since 1996, 37 percent of all aliens free before trial disappeared from court.
  • Aliens abscond from court more often today than they did before 9/11.
  • Deportation orders for failing to appear in court exceed deportation orders from cases that were tried by 306 percent.
  • 46 percent of all unaccompanied children disappeared from U.S. immigration courts from 2013 through 2017.
  • 49 percent of unaccompanied children failed to appear in U.S. immigration courts in 2017.
What these findings demonstrate is that the Democrats' policies actually facilitate illegal immigration into the US.  There is no real deterrent.

This may be a better way to win the argument about additional barriers.


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