Holocaust education lacking

Legal Insurrection:
For years, there has been talking and concern about the lack of factual Holocaust knowledge and education in the United States and around the world. Education systems dominated by leftist teachers often antagonistic towards Israel are sometimes loathing to bring up the subject. It’s possible to also blame an easily accessible Internet that leads users down dark rabbit holes of Holocaust conspiracy theories.

In “The Failure of Holocaust Education in Britain,” Rosie Whitehouse writes:
The current debate over anti-Semitism in Britain’s opposition Labour Party and the views of its leader Jeremy Corbyn have also had a negative impact on Holocaust education in the classroom and made better teacher training even more imperative. Wetherall’s students now ask about Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. “Two to three years ago I would not have had pupils who would have heard the terms,” she said, adding that “the guidelines have not kept up with these changes, leaving teachers ill-equipped to deal with the issue.”
It’s certainly not easy to find out how it got this bad and certainly will be even harder to fix.

The Azrieli Foundation and Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany just released a report on the lack of Holocaust education in Canada.
Similar studies found a lack of education about it in the US too. 

I graduated from high school in 1963 and do not recall any discussion about.  World history classes did not get into much about World War II in general.  However, around my senior year in high school, I read William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third ReichShirer goes into great detail about the mass slaughter of the Jews.  He also provides photographic evidence.  I learned more about in a history class at the University of Texas taught by a Holocaust survivor.  He was from Holland and talked about evading the Nazi round-up attempt.

Because of my interest in military history, I have read several books about World War II and the generals who fought it.  A biography of Gen. Eisenhower talks about finding the concentration camps and the appalling conditions.  Upon finding the camps in Germany, Eisenhower ordered the local civilians to come out and see the camps so that they could not deny knowledge of what happened.

Shirer goes into great detail about not only the mass murder of Jews but also the Nazi's use of hair taken from the victims to make blankets and cloth.  Some of the senior Nazis also were found to have lampshades made from the skin of the victims with tattoos being especially prised. 

My study of the history of World War II and the evil perpetrated by Nazi Germany makes me angry at those who have not studied and casually toss around accusations against conservatives as being Nazis or comparable to Hitler when such comparisons have become go-to insults for those ignorant of history.


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