US acts to stop Iran from flying plane loads of cash out of Germany

Washington Free Beacon:
Trump Admin Pressing Allies to Ban Iranian Airline Tied to Terrorism, Espionage

U.S. helps thwart Iranian effort to fly multiple planeloads of cash out of Germany

Germany's decision to ban Iran's Mahan Air—a state-controlled entity known to carry out clandestine military operations on the Islamic Republic's behalf—is being viewed as a diplomatic coup by the top U.S. official in Berlin and is said to be generating support for expanding this ban across the European Union, a move that would deal a severe blow to Tehran's international reach, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.
The amount was so large that Iran attempted to use multiple planes to airlift the cash, an effort that was recently stopped in no small part by top U.S. officials stationed in Germany, sources said.

The next leg of the administration's diplomatic push will focus on convincing France and other leading European countries to also enact a ban on Mahan as part of a wide-ranging national security readjustment aimed at collapsing Iran's illicit financial and military channels, officials said.
I suspect wants the cash to make payments to its proxies.  The US sanctions already make it hard for them to make normal international payments.


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