Navy SEAL team helped take down terrorists in Kenya attack that killed 14

Daily Mail:
Hero US Navy SEALs reportedly jumped in to fight a group of Islamist terrorists who launched an attack on a luxury hotel in Kenya on Tuesday, killing 14 people.

Sources say the SEALs were called in by Kenyan Special Forces in need of back-up after five Islamic Terrorists entered the Nairobi hotel armed with a grenade, guns and a bomb.

US officials have neither confirmed nor denied the presence of SEALs during the attack. It is unclear how many may have been there.

The terror attack at a hotel and office complex on Tuesday afternoon saw four gunmen kill 14 people, including a 40-year-old California businessman Jason Spindler, after detonating car bombs outside.

The Navy SEAL presence was first reported by a source who told The Sun they were with a British Special Air Service, SAS, member.

'(The SAS member) was there training and mentoring Kenyan forces when the shout went up, so they went in,' the insider said. 'During the operation he fired off some rounds – it's safe bet he hit his target – the SAS don't miss.

'He is a long serving member of the Regiment, there is no doubt his actions saved lives.'

The soldier was initially rumored to be a SEAL himself because he was dressed in US combat gear with a patch worn by Team 3.
The US Africa command, when asked about the SEALs particpation, refused to deny it.  Special Ops troops are trained for dealing with these kinds of attacks and fortunately, there was a team in the area to help the Kenyans deal with it.

Meanwhile, in Syria, there was a terrorist attack in an area that had been liberated from ISIS.  Four Americans were among those killed in the attack.  Two of the dead Americans were soldiers.  It is important to note that a terrorist attack does not imply that ISIS is retaking an area for a caliphate anymore than terrorist attacks sponsored by ISIS in the US implied they were seizing territory.  There is a difference between a mass murder attack on enemy forces seizing a city or area.  At this point, ISIS no longer has the resources for taking and holding real estate.


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