Iran caught using Muslim refugees to spy on Germany

Legal Insurrection:
German army has caught an Iranian spy working in its ranks. A 50-year-old German-Afghan man has been arrested on charges of spying for Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS). The man, named by the state prosecutor as Abdul Hamid S., has been passing on sensitive military intelligence to the Iranian spy agency for many years, the local newspaper reports said.

This in not an isolated case of its kind. “The Federal Prosecutor is presently investigating several espionage cases involving Iranian spy service, German newspaper Abendblatt reported citing official sources. In addition to that, some 950 member of the Iran-sponsored Hezbollah terror militia are also operating in the country, a 2018 report published by the German intelligence agency shows.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, otherwise vocal against Hungary or Poland for defying EU dictates, issued a meekly worded response to the Mullah regime. The German Foreign Ministry has “spoken to the Iranian representative in unequivocal terms and expressed [its] great concern over the alleged spy activity,” the official communique said.

According to the information released last week by the Dutch government, Iran has been behind four terror plots on European soil since 2015.

These devastating revelations come at a time when Chancellor Merkel’s government is spearheading the plan to set up a non-dollar trading mechanism to protect European companies and banks from U.S. sanctions for doing business in Iran.
Merkel seems to be ignoring the threat posed by the Islamic religious bigots who rule Iran and is instead trying to prop them up in the face of US sanctions against this evil regime.  The wise course would be to side the the Iranian people who despise the Islamist despots in charge.


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