Victoria, Texas man was helped raise by black man next door

 Epoch Times:

A Texas man whose next-door neighbor helped raise him in the absence of a father is sharing his story with the world. Now grown up with kids of his own, he is welcoming this beloved man into a brand-new role as an honorary grandfather.

“My story truly shows that a successful Black American man truly inspired and educated a little white kid next door,” Cody Shugart told The Epoch Times via email. “He did not have to be a part of my life, he chose to and I am thankful to God every day that he chose to help me.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Cody Shugart)
Epoch Times Photo
Cody Shugart and Mr. Chip. (Courtesy of Cody Shugart)

Cody and his wife, Aubrie Shugart, share four children: Colt Griffin, who was stillborn in 2014, Bob Wayne, 3, William West, 2, and Miles Jefferson, 4 months. Together, the couple runs the oldest dance studio, called the Aubrie Shugart School of Dancing, in Victoria, Texas.

Cody is also the corporate sales manager for a tractor dealership called Scherer Kubota.

“My mother, Yvett Shugart, raised me and my brother, Adam, by herself,” said Cody. A court reporter, Yvett moved with her children to Victoria when Cody was only 2 years old. That’s where they met “Mr. Chip.”


There is much more.  

Coby's children treat Mr. Chip like a grandfather.   



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