Biden's deeply flawed immigration policy

 Karen Townsend:

Biden’s ‘Kids In Cages’ Moment: Carrizo Springs Facility Re-Opens

Unaccompanied minors are once again surging toward the border. Coyotes are taking advantage of families and encouraging them to send their children because the Biden administration promises to implement a kinder, gentler approach to illegal immigration. You may have noticed that the White House is deliberately trying to tamp down that message now that they realize the folly of it. Central Americans are taking Biden’s words on illegal immigration seriously. They are coming.

So, the facility in Carrizo Springs was dusted off and given a fresh coat of paint and now suddenly it’s a very child-friendly place. Never mind that it is the same facility used by the Trump administration. Now it receives a glowing story in the Washington Post chock full of little feel-good details like “colorful trailers”. As almost an afterthought, the article mentions the decorations in the entryway still up from its time in use during the previous administration.

This is another example of how reporting flips when a Democrat is in power.  It demonstrates what garbage the media has become.  They li whichever party is in power, but the lives switch from criticism to praise.  Neither is very credible. 


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