A DOJ focused on the phantom of 'white supremacy'

Andrew McCarthy: 

Garland Heralds Return of the Obama Justice Department — Radical as Ever 
Biden is not so much presiding over Obama’s third term as he is the doddering passenger riding in first class while Obama’s faithful pilots navigate.

The judge emphasized that his top priority is domestic terrorism. But not all domestic terrorism. It is domestic terrorism as Democrats are defining it — viz., white supremacism, as instantiated by the rioting at the Capitol on January 6.

I’ve previously detailed how Democrats are laser-focused on domestic terrorism as a political narrative more than an enforcement priority. If it were the latter, they would not be stressing white supremacism (used interchangeably with “neo-Nazism”) and soft-pedaling other iterations of insurrectionist violence — particularly the radical Left’s still-ongoing mayhem, which dominated 2020 and is poised to surge next month when Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop charged with murdering George Floyd, is scheduled to be tried.

The Biden/Garland Justice Department will be in lockstep with the Democrats’ anti–white supremacism march, whose strains have sounded through the House’s Trump impeachment article, the Senate’s Trump impeachment trial, the Democrats’ proposed Domestic Terrorism Prevention legislation, House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s push for a blatantly partisan 9/11 Commission–style inquisition into the Capitol riot, the continuing presence of thousands of U.S. troops in our nation’s barbed-wire capital, and Garland’s confirmation hearing. The point is to brand Trump supporters as white supremacists. Relatedly, it is to portray as “insurrectionists” those congressional Republicans who, in their rash opportunism, supported Trump’s counter-constitutional attempt to void electoral votes from states Biden won. Those are the Republicans targeted by the impeachment article’s invocation of the 14th Amendment’s Section 3; expect progressive-interest-group lawsuits to challenge these Republicans’ continuing in office, dovetailed with hearings steered by Pelosi’s Democrat-dominated “commission.”

I have not seen one article where the participants in the riot said they were doing it to impose "white supremacy."  Their agenda, if they had one was in reaction to what they perceived as a stolen election by Democrat operatives in swing states.  Democrats have been pushing a phony racism argument for some time as a means of trying to keep black voters in line with the Democrats' wacko agenda.  They have also falsely accused Trump supporters of being "white supremacists" even though Trump significantly increased his share of the black and Hispanic voters.

Democrats' use of "white supremacy" is a total fraud.  If we had an honest media they would be exposing this fraud rather than going along with it.


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