Asians under assault in US?

 NY Times:

He Came From Thailand to Care For Family. Then Came a Brutal Attack.

The fatal assault in San Francisco on a defenseless older man was the latest terrifying episode for Asian-Americans, many of whom have endured racist taunts, rants and worse during the pandemic.

I have always gotten along well with Asians and have several friends from high school that I stay in touch with on Facebook.  My daughter spent 10 years in Thailand and I really liked the Thais when I visited her.  I also liked the Vietnamese who were on our side when I was a Marine in Vietnam.

One of the things Asians share with whites in this country is that they can be discriminated against in college admissions.  I think that is wrong.  It is also obviously wrong to assault anyone in this country and those responsible should be brought to justice.


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